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Do You Offer Preferential Pricing?

Yes, we have prepared 10% retail discount for Amico Memberships, if you are acontractor, ESCO, distributor, or electrician working for any lighting construction project,pls let me know more about your custom demands and we will offer surprising wholesale discount.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Quote and the Email Address Will We Use?

Inquiry Reply Waiting Time:

Monday Through Friday: Do not worry, you can expect to hear from our team within the 12 hrs after your submission.
Weekends and Holidays: Often we can quickly respond to your request. Worst case you can expect to hear from us the next business day.

And we will only contact you at help@amicolight.comor support@amicolight.com. If possible, please register as an Amico member or subscribe to our email to get more instant information from us.

The Comprehensive Guide for Led Lighting Distributors: Partnering with Amico

You can read the blog about the guide or just tell your demands directly.

If You Have Specific Project Design Demands, How To Tell Us?

Pls tell us the basic details from your project: 1. The length, width, and height of your building; 2. Lighting budget; 3. Expected construction date.

And then the lighting solution will be prepared and delivered to you via email at help@amicolight.com.

Amico Recessed Downlights

Special Choose For Amico Recessed Lights?
Which Certification and Special Technology Have for Amico Recessed Lights?

1. Short-time voltage resistance, short circuit protection.
2. Damp location /Wet location
3. Lightning protection 1KV.
4. CCT.
5. 1-10V/Triac dimming.
6. Bluetooth / Zigbee /Wi-Fi.
7. 5 Years Warranty.
8. Patent Development.
9. With Google Home /Alexa / FCC/ETL/ and other global certification.

The Suitable Ceiling Type And Construction Projects Fit Each Recessed Lighting?

1. Retrofit Can Lights:
Ceiling Type: Suitable for both flat and sloped ceilings.
Construction Project: Ideal for retrofitting existing ceilings without the need for major modifications. Perfect for renovation projects or when upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting.

2. Canless Recessed Lights:
Ceiling Type: Compatible with flat and low-clearance ceilings.
Construction Project: Well-suited for new constructions or spaces where the ceiling depth is limited. Canless lights provide a sleek and modern look while simplifying installation.

3. Disk Lights:
Ceiling Type: Versatile and can be installed in flat, sloped, or vaulted ceilings.
Construction Project: Often used in residential and commercial settings where a low-profile lighting solution is desired. Disk lights are excellent for providing even illumination and are commonly chosen for modern design aesthetics.

4. Gimbal Recessed Lights:
Ceiling Type: Suitable for flat and sloped ceilings.
Construction Project: Ideal for projects where directional lighting is crucial. Gimbal lights offer the flexibility to adjust the direction of the light beam, making them suitable for accent lighting, highlighting artwork, or providing focused illumination in specific areas. Commonly used in retail spaces, galleries, or homes with specific lighting needs.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity (Moq) For Wholesale Led Recessed Lights? And Are Your Led Recessed Lights Certified?

No, we provide flexibility with no MOQ requirements, and our lights are ETL and FCC certified, ensuring quality and safety.

Amico LED Flat Panel Lights

Which Certification and Special Technology Have for Amico Flat Panel Lights?

Amico-Led flat panel lighting manufacturer, the technology in lighting details:
1. High Efficiency Isolated Constant Current Driver.
2. Damp Location.
3. FCC/ETL/DLC/and other global certification.
4. 120-277V/120-347V input voltage range.
5. Lightning protection, 2KV.
6. 3CCT & 3 Lumens selectable.
7. 5 Years Warranty.
8. 0-10V dimming / Triac dimming.

Are Amico Flat Panels Lights Suitable for Commercial Spaces?

Yes, LED Panel Lights are suitable for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, supermarkets, and other healthcare facilities, providing bright and efficient lighting for various applications.

Does Amico Provide Installation Services for LED Flat Panel Lights?

While Amico may not provide direct installation services, our products come with user-friendly installation instructions. Additionally, our support team can offer guidance to ensure a smooth installation process.

Amico Ceiling Fan With Lights

Which Certification and Special Technology Have for Amico Ceiling Fan With Lights?

1. Ceiling Fans with Remote
2. Low Profile Flush Mount
3. 10-100% Dimmable
4. Reversible DC Motor
5. Bluetooth / Zigbee / Wi-Fi
6. Patent Development
7. Noise-free Experience
8. With Google Home / Alexa / FCC /ETL / and other global certification

What Options are Available for Ceiling Fans with Lights?

Amico offers a diverse range of bulk ceiling fans with lights. Choose from various styles, sizes, and finishes to meet your specific needs.
Main Catalogs: 1. Ceiling fan with blades, which in the sizes of 30, 42, 52, 66, and 72 Inch. 2. Fandelier / Caged Ceiling Fan with Light
Our selection includes options suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

The Installation Instruments And Documents

Amico Led High Bay Lighting

Which Certifications We Have For Amico High Bay Lights?

Amico has the certifications, such as ETL or UL, indicating compliance with safety and performance standards.

How Do You Configure The Right Number Of Lights For Your Space?

20*20ft 150w 3 Packs
20*40ft 150w 6 Packs
20*60ft 150w 8 Packs
20*80ft 150w 12 Packs
40*40ft 150w 12 Packs
40*60ft 150w 15 Packs
40*80ft 150w 20 Packs
60*60ft 150w 20 Packs
60*80ft 150w 24 Packs
80*80ft 150w 30 Packs

The recommended installation height for our products is 12-16FT

Can I Get A Sample Of Amico's Led High Bay Lights Before Making A Wholesale Commitment?

Yes, Amico provides sample products for evaluation. The only thing you should prepare for us is your information, including your working company, your job, and your working E-mail.

Amico Emergency Exit Light

What is the Special Technology Have for Amico Emergency Lights

1. Innovative, easy installation in minutes
2. Universal J-box mounting pattern
3. 120-277VAC Dual Voltage operation
4. Test Switch and charge indicator
5. UL and cULus Listed
6. 0°C to 40°C indoor damp location listed
7. Maximum 24 Hours for full recharge time
8. Injection-molded thermoplastic ABS housing, UL 94V-0 flame rating

What is The Design Details Of Exit Lights

LED Rotatable Light Heads
90 Mins Battery Backup
Removable Arrows Design
Test Button & Indicator Light

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