Wholesale Led High Bay Lighting

Introducing Amico's LED UFO High Bay Lights—an affordable lighting solution for warehouses, workshops, and gymnasiums, ETL Certified, UL Listed, and offering 20,000 High LM for robust illumination.
Amico price: 10% below market average price, starting at $28.79/pack in the retail price, quote us now for the best factory direct wholesale price.
Best-sell out of stock: 100w UFO LED high bay light.

Amico, High Bay LED Lights Supplier:
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2 Types Of LED High Bay Lights

Applications: Warehouse, Gym, Stadiums, and Other Extra Spaces

6/10 Pack UFO Led High Bay Shop Lighting

1. Packs: 6/10 Pack
2. Main Watts: 150W
3. Main Lumens: 21,000LM
4. Color Temperature: 5000K
5. Service Life: 50,002+ Hrs
6. Retail Price: Start At $28.79

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6 Pack UL Led High Bay Gym Lighting

1. Packs: 6 Pack
2. Main Watts: 200W
3. Main Lumens: 20,000LM
4. Color Temperature: 5000K
5. Service Life: 50,002+ Hrs
6. Retail Price: Start At $39.99

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FAQs About High Bay Lights

These FAQs from the professional high bay led lighting manufacturer, offer valuable insights into high bay lights, covering their features, applications, energy efficiency, and other considerations for those considering this type of lighting solution.

What Are High Bay Lights, And Which Application Are They Commonly Used?

High bay lights are powerful lighting fixtures designed for spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, and large indoor spaces.

Which Safety Certifications We Have For Amico High Bay Lights?

Reputable manufacturers like Amico ensure their high bay lights have certifications such as ETL or UL, indicating compliance with safety and performance standards.

How Do You Configure The Right Number Of Lights For Your Space?

20*20ft 150w 3
20*40ft 150w 6
20*60ft 150w 8
20*80ft 150w 12
40*40ft 150w 12
40*60ft 150w 15
40*80ft 150w 20
60*60ft 150w 20
60*80ft 150w 24
80*80ft 150w 30

The recommended installation height for our products is 12-16FT

Do High Bay Lights Come With Dimming Options For Customized Lighting Control?

High bay lights, especially LED versions, have a longer lifespan, often exceeding 50,000 hours. They require minimal maintenance compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

Information about Amico Wholesale Linear High Bay LED Lights

Product specifications
Power: 250W
Input Voltage: 120-277V
Luminous Flux: 31250LM
Color temperature: 5000K
Light Decay: Less than 5%
Listed: UL
Condition: Out Of Stock

FAQs About Wholesale Led High Bay Lighting

Thinking about becoming a distributor of Amico LED high bay lights? Here are some frequently asked questions about wholesale opportunities from Amico lighting company.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Wholesale Purchases Of Led High Bay Lights?

No MOQ, We have prepared UFO lighting in 6 pack and 10 packs for your easy selection.

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How Can I Apply To Become A Wholesale Distributor Of Amico Led High Bay Lights?

To inquire about wholesale opportunities, click the page of bulk sales for product catalogs and your custom wholesale demands.
If you have not chosen Amico as your cooperation yet, pls click here to join an Amico Membership to get a 10% extra discount easily.

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3. Enjoy an up to 10% cashback feature

4. Unlock the potential for up to 25% in total savings.

No limits or restrictions.

Can I Get A Sample Of Amico's Led High Bay Lights Before Making A Wholesale Commitment?

Yes, Amico provides sample products for evaluation. The only thing you should prepare for us is your information, including your working company, your job, and your working E-mail.

What Warranty Does Amico Provide For Wholesale Led High Bay Lights?

Amico offers a basic 5-year warranty on your LED high bay lights. And if you source more and become our bulk buy VIP, we can provide lifetime after-sale services for any troubles and problems.

Are There Different Wattage Options For Led High Bay Lights Available For Wholesale?

Yes, Amico offers LED high bay lights in various wattages to accommodate different lighting needs for commercial and industrial spaces.
Amico is the UFO-led high bay light manufacturer of 100W, 150W, 200W, etc.

Amico-High Bay LED Lights Supplier

Features: 20,000LM, 5000K, AC120V, IP65 Waterproof, ETL Intertek, 5-Year Warranty, FCC/UL Listed, Up to 85% Energy Saving, Up to 10 Times Longer Than HPS/MH Lamp.

How Many High Bay Lights Will You Need For Warehouse
How Many High Bay Lights Will You Need For Warehouse
How Many High Bay Lights Will You Need For Warehouse