Residential Indoor Lighting

Amico-USA is primarily known as a supplier of recessed lighting, but this represents just one aspect of we offer. Among core products, Amico also provides a comprehensive catalog of residential indoor LED lighting solutions suitable for various settings such as offices, schools, healthcare facilities, workshops, and more.

Main 5 catalogs, over 88 different lighting. Choose from FCC/ETL-Certified LED Recessed Lights, Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, and LED Flat Panel Lights to offer home ceiling and workspace lighting solutions.

Best Reviewed- Amico LED Garage Lights are tested and reviewed by "popular mechanics" as the Best Basement Lighting Options and Best For Maximum Coverage LED Garage LightsAmico Recessed Lights are Ranked #1 On Amazon. 

Amico is a leading residential lighting manufacturer, offering a wide range of high-quality lighting solutions. Starting from 10% wholesale off, contact us for a custom wholesale quote and discover the benefits of direct wholesale pricing.

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Indoor Lighting Certifications & Technology

Amico-One of the professional indoor lighting and recessed lighting suppliers.

Residential Lighting Selection

Choose from different home lighting for every room. Starting from 10% off, buy more and save more.

Wholesale Recessed Lights

  • Short time voltage resistance, short circuit protection
  • Fit for Damp location / Wet location
  • Lightning protection 1KV
  • CCT
  • 1-10V/ Triac dimming
  • Bluetooth / Zigbee/ Wi-Fi
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Patent Development
  • With Google Home /alexa / FCC /ETL/ and other global certification
24 Pack 6 Inch Canless Lighting 

Wholesale Flat Panel Lights

  • High Efficiency lsolated Constant Current Driver
  • Damp location
  • FCC/ETL/DLC/and other global certification
  • 120-277V/120-347V input voltage range
  • Lightning protection 2KV
  • 3 CCT & 3 LUMEN Selectable
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 0-10V dimming /Triac dimming
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Wholesale Ceiling Fan Lights

  • Ceiling Fans with Remote
  • Low Profile Flush Mount
  • 10-100%Dimmable
  • Noise-free Experience
  • Reversible DC Motor
  • Bluetooth / Zigbee / Wi-Fi
  • Patent Development
  • With Google Home /alexa / FCC /ETL/ and other global certification
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Wholesale Indoor Lighting For Projects

Choose from different lighting solutions for every room

Kitchen lighting collections

Wholesale Kitchen Lighting

Use recessed lighting for a clean, modern look, 4000k kitchen flush mount ceiling light for best wholesale options cater to various kitchen styles and needs.

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Bedroom lighting solutions

Wholesale Bedroom Lighting

From stylish ceiling fan lights to 3000K flush mount ceiling lights and 5CCT recessed lighting, our wholesale selection ensures your bedroom construction or makeover.

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Office lighting solutions

The Wholesale Office Lighting

Choose from 2X4FT and 2X2FT sizes LED flat panel lights, Recessed ceiling lights, and other dimmable LED lights to craft a big office space projects.

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Led lighting solutions for warehouse

Wholesale LED Shop Lighting

Choose super bright 5000 lumens and long-lasting 50,000 hours lifespan to bright for large-size garage and shop lighting, which installed in buildings successfully.

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FAQs About Residential Lighting

Amico is a renowned manufacturer in the field of LED home lighting, offer the LED ceiling lights wholesale services for project contractor and electrician. No sourcing MOQ, all the lighting are ETL & FCC listed, can be adjusted as the installation demands, earn the 40% project sourcing discount now.

Why choose Amico indoor lighting?

Amico offers the most cost-effective indoor lighting.
Retail price of Recessed Lighting: Starting at $3.99/Pack
Retail price of Flush Mount Ceiling Lights: Starting at $19.99/Pack
Retail price of Commercial Emergency Lights: $19.99/Pack
Retail price of LED Flat Panel Lights: $21.99/Pack
Retail price of UFO LED High Bay Lights: $33.33/Pack

As one of the active recessed lighting suppliers, what makes Amico stand out?

1. Focus on lighting industry for 10 years.
2. Already sold in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.
3. No. 1 recessed lighting seller on Amazon.
4. Possesses 231 patents for self-developed lamp inventions.
5. 5 Year+ Warranty

How to select and source indoor led lighting in Amico?

When selecting indoor lighting, project contracts will consider numbers, conservation of energy, glare, the appearance of color, lighting control and flexibility, and cost of installation.

Amico Lighting Hot Selection:
24 Pack 6 Inch White Canless Recessed Lighting, 5CCT, 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K
This recessed lighting have been tested and reviewed by many electrician and contractors.

When considering lighting parameters:
Led Recessed lighting, lumens can be customized from 500LM to 1600LM and wattage power is from 7w to 18w. All the dimmers are 3CCT or 5CCT adjustable.

The benefits of bulk wholesale recessed lighting?

Unlock Tremendous Savings with Amico LED Lights Wholesale! Enjoy over 10% off bulk orders, and win a surprising 35% wholesale off.

Contact us now for personalized quotes and exclusive discounts. Illuminate your space while saving big with Amico!