Wholesale LED Ceiling Lights

Selecting Amico's ETL & FCC certified LED flush mount ceiling lights—The cost-effective lighting solution for the kitchen, bedroom, children's room, living room, or porch. Guaranteeing no flicker, no noise, offering dual night mode, and a high CRI of up to 90.
Amico Price: Starting at just $17.25 per pack for retail price, choose from dimming 3CCT to 5CCT. Selectable 5CCT: 2700K, Soft White; 3000K, Warm White; 4000K, Warm White; 5000K, Cold White; 6500K, Daylight.

Discover premium LED ceiling lights from Amico, your trusted LED ceiling lighting manufacturer. Start with a 10% introductory discount, and unlock even greater savings with a 25% membership discount. Contact us for exclusive direct wholesale pricing on bulk orders. Choose Amico for savings and enjoy special services:
1. No MOQ: Order any quantity.  2. 10% Below Market Price: Competitive pricing.
3. ETL&FCC Certified: Ensuring quality and safety.   4. 2+ Year Warranty.
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Professional Lighting Certifications

Amico-One of Professional LED Ceiling Lighting Manufacturers.

2 Designs Of Bulk Led Ceiling Lights

Our bulk ceiling lights come equipped with various features, including short-time voltage resistance, short circuit protection, suitability for damp locations, lightning protection up to 1KV, Triac dimming functionality, and are certified with global standards such as Google Home, Alexa, FCC, ETL, and more.

Double Ring LED Ceiling Light

1. Size: 12 Inch
2. Watts: 36w
3. Lumens: 1800LM
4. Dimming: 5CCT 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K
5. Numbers: 1/2/Custom Pack
6. Features: Dimmable, CRI90+
7. Retail Price: Start At $19.99

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Slim Panel Ceiling Light

1. Size: 12 Inch
2. Watts: 24w
3. Lumens: 2400LM
4. Dimming: 3CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K
5. Numbers: 2/4/Custom Pack
6. Features: Dimmable, No flicker
7. Retail Price: Start At $17.24

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LED Ceiling Lighting Solutions

Amico, your delicate LED ceiling lighting supplier, specializes in crafting innovative and efficient home lighting solutions.

Ceiling Lights For Bedroom | 2700K

Ceiling Lights For Hallway | 3000K

Ceiling Lights For Kitchen | 4000K

Ceiling Lights For Living Room|5000K

Ceiling Lights For Garage | 6500K

FAQs About Wholesale Led Ceiling Lights

Upgrade Your Space with Elegant Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights: Perfectly blending with any decor, these lights feature a sleek, unobtrusive design for efficient, even illumination. Enhance your environment with bright, energy-efficient lighting ideal for various activities. Compatible with smart home systems, they offer convenient control over brightness and color, ensuring the ideal ambiance for every moment.

Explore our FAQs about wholesale ceiling lights, offering insights into the world of LED ceiling lighting.

From understanding the role of a reliable LED ceiling lighting manufacturer to the benefits for distributors and insights into successful lighting projects, our FAQs cover it all.

What is the Special Technology Have for Amico Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Amico-ceiling lighting manufacturer, the technology in lighting details:
1. Short time voltage resistance, short circuit protection.
2. Damp location / Wet location
3. Lightning protection 1KV
4. Triac dimming
5. 2 Years Warranty
6. Patent Development
7. CCT
8. With Google Home /alexa / FCC / ETL/ and other global certification

What Certifications Should A Distributor Look For In A Wholesale Led Ceiling Lighting Supplier?

Certifications such as FCC, ETL, and Energy Star indicate quality and compliance with industry standards. Pls click here and check the Amico lighting product catalog for more information.

Are There Bulk Discounts Available For Distributors Purchasing Led Ceiling Lights?

Yes, we provide bulk discounts, offering the most cost-effective solutions for distributors.

Unlock Tremendous Savings with Amico LED Lights Wholesale! Enjoy over 10% off bulk orders, and win a surprising 35% wholesale off.

Contact us now for personalized quotes and exclusive discounts. Illuminate your space while saving big with Amico!

Can Led Ceiling Lights Be Customized For Specific Projects?

Yes, our LED ceiling lights can be customized for specific projects to meet the unique requirements of different projects. Such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, and bathroom solutions.
Any distributors and project managers can collaborate with us to discuss your project specifications and explore tailored solutions that fit the project's lighting requirements perfectly.

How to Become a LED Ceiling Lights Distributor?

We welcome long-term partnerships with devoted distributors, pls click and tell Amico your wholesale quote request or any special requirements, such as the size of your construction projects or the demanded numbers.